Sunday, September 04, 2005

Now Is the Time for Your Anger

Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, as usual, is refusing to answer the obvious questions coming out of this government created disaster in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. No real surprise there, that's what Scotty is best at. Talking a lot without actually saying anything.

Now, of course, when asked direct questions regarding the human side of this calamity, the obvious questions regarding the predictability of the disaster and the lack of response, Scotty says, "Now is not the time to be pointing fingers."

We all know, or anyone paying attention knows, that Scott is just an A class professional prevaricator and bull shit master. Top of his profession actually.

But I must insist that now is exactly the time to be pointing directly at the very obvious problem that this entire nation is suffering from. That is the absolute absence of responsible, competent, accountable leadership.

For those marveling at the bungling, disorganized, unmotivated leadership and effort the federal government has shown in this American crisis, I invite you to consider: This is exactly what is happening in Iraq, to our troops, and to the country and its people.

Heavily armed, bungling, incompetence managed by the same people who have been 'managing' this hitherto sleepwalking relief effort. There are damned good reasons why things are going so badly over there. Just as there are real reasons why things are going so badly, at home in America.

Now is most certainly the time to point fingers, while the reality of this criminal lack of responsibility is still on the ground, while the reality of the human consequences are still in our faces.

This is emphatically not the time for these useless rich punks to play politics and pretend they are being picked on by the 'liberal' media. But, let's face it, that is all these people know how to do. They lie and spin the truth to justify and obscure the reality of their odious motivations.

This cabal of neo-cons and religious conspirators, is composed of people who have never had real down and dirty jobs in their lives. They have never actually done anything except play politics and make money. It's like a big Monopoly game to them and the people are, at best, just chits, chips, ciphers.
We are not real to them.

I have said before that when the real cost of this war starts coming home, the support would not last that there would be a turning. Now, we are all face to face with the real cost of having handed over so much power to one dogmatic individual.

In handing so much power to this puppet president, we have in effect, given our country into the hands of a small group of rich, powerful little men, who see the real world and it's billions of people, like a particularly engaging game of Risk.

America is just another big counter piece in their game. And you, no matter what your political identity, do not count at all in this game.


At 7:10 PM, Blogger Jet said...

I couldn't do Scottie McLiarpants' job. I'd have to head out to the Rose Garden and shoot myself.

It's almost scary to actually see the American beast move. Tides are turning' the beast is uncomfortable enough to shift.

Heady and terrifying.


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