Tuesday, August 09, 2005

That Dang Woman at the Ranch in Crawford

That dang woman is Cindy Sheehan, of course. The mother of a young soldier killed in Iraq. Like a lot of people, Cindy Sheehan wants to know the reason her son died. Why president Bush and his cronies created a war out of lies and deceptions and sent her son to die in it. Cindy has more reason to want to know than most of us.

Several years ago, I returned to the States briefly, in hopes of clearing up my situation with the Air Force. At the US side of the border, I was detained. While there I met a very large scary looking border guard who told me that he lost his son in Vietnam and he wished to God that his son had gone to Canada or any where but into the damned Army.

The man was plagued with the same question Cindy Sheehan is plagued with. Why? That border guard was being eaten by the same question. "No one can give me one reason why?" He said that more than once.
The story of the border guard.

His question was never answered and neither will Cindy Sheehan receive the real answer from Bush.

I recently wrote an article here entitled, "The Problem With Lies". This little stand off in Crawford Texas is an object lesson in the problem with lies.

You see, the little president, some would say the most powerful individual in the world, is hiding from this woman and the whole world is watching him do it. He has sent two top aides out to talk to her but the attempted nice cop brush off didn't work.

Bush sent his top National Security adviser, Stephen Hadley, to tell Ms Sheehan that there really were WMDs in Iraq but they were spirited away to Syria. Yep, the WMDs are hidden in Syria, little momma. Cindy, being a very intelligent woman, not impressed by lofty titles, asked, "Is that the official White House position?" Political hack beat a hasty retreat with tail tucked firmly between his legs.

The little president is still hiding in his ranch hoping that danged woman will go away. He's on vacation from a real tough job and wants his play time, damn it. Lyin', thievin'n, and murderin' is damned hard work, ya'll know.

This is a no win situation for the little president. If he has her arrested, as is being threatened, he shows the world what a weak, cowardly, small hearted man he is.

No matter how revved up his sincerity act is, he has no answers to give this woman because every thing he says is and has been a lie. No WMDs. No links to 9/11. No links to Al Qaeda. No terrorists operating (before Saddam fell). The evidence was carefully cooked to support going to his war, for reasons that have never been said out loud.

If he meets her in private, the media is going to be much more interested in what she has to say about it than what that predictable old liar has to say.
She is much smarter than Bush and keeps asking all the right questions. Questions Bush can't answer because he's been caught in all his old lies and few seem to be buying the new ones.

What's a slimy politician to do? Bush has never faced up to anything real in his life. Never. He only speaks to hand picked crowds. He was afraid of the Canadian Parliament. They may have asked unscripted questions. Bush can't answer questions not created by his handlers and rehearsed ahead of time.

When he talks off script, he just becomes the shrugging, smirking, rude little bugger that is has always been. Not very impressive for man who is so proud of being a 'war time president'. A title he was very anxious to have, long before 9/11.

He met this woman once before, at the White house. The president 'sharing the grief' of mothers of KIA soldiers. He kept trying to turn it into a festive occasion like the women should be just thrilled to meet the little president and fearless leader. He did not know her name or the name of her son. He kept calling her "mom". She asked the wrong questions then, as well.

What can this smirking fool of a mass killer, this compulsive liar, tell this intelligent, aware woman who will not be impressed by his royal president fantasies?

As I said before, lies make you weak. Look at our president. Cowed by lone woman standing beside the road in Texas. Pathetic.

Update: Rice and Rumsfeld will be arriving at the presidents ranch on Thursday. Cindy Sheehan has been informed that that she may be arrested Thursday as a 'Threat to national security'. Imagine that. I have to wonder, what terminology do they use to distinguish between real threats to national security, and the sort of 'threat' that this gold star mother represents?
I suppose they are all the same to someone as cowardly as the American president.

To avoid the embarrassment of arresting her as a security threat, the local Sheriffs department has suddenly decided that the land Cindy is standing on is private property, not county owned as they originally said. However, they can't say exactly who it belongs to, only that it's privately held.

How peculiar that no one seems to know who owns the land right next to the presidents ranch.
Oh yeah, of course I believe that, I'm sure you do too. I have to laugh at the feeble lies and games these bastards must play, to avoid dealing with the simple truth. But, that's America for you.

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At 1:07 AM, Blogger pagan fundimentalist said...

No rest for the little Prez. Thanks to Cindy, the little Prez won't get the rest he doesn't deserve. Keep up the the unrest.

At 1:30 AM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

Absolutely, no rest for the wicked.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger Thomas Mc. said...

I say "Bring it ON!" Heh he

At 7:21 AM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

Yep. Something very like that. Looks good on Georgey, don't it?

At 6:18 AM, Blogger frstlymil said...

If he doesn't speak to her he is going to make himself look TRULY horrible...not to mention immasculated.


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