Monday, August 08, 2005

Nuts 'R' Us

The particular nuts in question, Reverends James Dobson and Fred Phelps, represent the far nut end of modern Christian dogma. Each would insist that he is teaching and upholding an ancient belief system. Cursory examination contradicts that claim.

Phelps is a gay hater to the nth degree, as deeply bigoted as I think it is possible to be. And he is proud of it.

Phelps calls himself a minister, pastor of the Westboro Baptist church, in Kansas City. A cult group ran from nut man's basement. He feels himself called to a ministry of fag hating. He pursues it as an avocation.

For those who don't recognize the name, Phelps is the Baptist preacher made notorious for his picketing of funerals of gay people, with signs that say cute things like "Thank God for AIDS" and "God Hates Fags". Scroll to the bottom for a pic of Phelps in action.

Click here for more than you ever wanted to know about this sick hate addicted man. A man who allegedly beat the hell out of his wife and children, on a regular basis. Often while drunk. Good Christian man that he is.

Four of his now adult children, and their mother, bear permanent scars and injuries from the beatings delivered. Sometimes with an axe handle.

Now this self declared man of God has decided that God hates America because Phelps finds himself in trouble with the law and maybe with the tax man. So, suddenly, God hates America (for all the wrong reasons) and God laughs when Americans dies in Iraq. Once again, for all the wrong reasons.

To prove his point, Phelps and his pathetic little crew, have started picketing the funerals of KIA Iraqi war vets. With signs saying things like "Thank God for IEDs". IEDs being the military term for the improvised explosive devices that have killed so many in Iraq. More commonly referred to as road side bombs.

This man is so supremely egocentric, he declares that the IEDs of Iraq are God's way of punishing the US because someone once set off a bomb in or near his 'church'.

Obviously God has his eye on the Right Nutty Reverend Phelps and his twelve or so dispirited followers. Mostly family members.
I've yet to read a description of this little group of followers, relatives with children, that did not include words like, dispirited, glum, embarrassed, etc.

Phelps believes God has commanded him to beat his family into line. Phelps is very fond of death threats. Follow the links on the Wikipedia page linked above. The man has numerous arrests and convictions, including child abuse charges arising from a brutal axe handle assault against two of his sons. The assualts were reported by the boy's school when they came to school with bleeding wounds, covered in brusies and abrasions. Both have permanent injuries from the beatings, one has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Yes, the love of God, don't it sound inviting?

When you read about this man, and read his own words, it becomes very clear that Fred Phelps loves and worships Fred Phelps and nothing else. God is his excuse for being a cruel, hate driven, narcissistic nut job.

According to Fred Phelps, God hates America because there are "fags and dykes" in the military. Not only that, but the 1,800 and still counting American soldiers killed in Iraq are now burning in hell because there are "fags" in the military. Does Reverend Phelp's God sound a lot like Satan?

I suspect the possibility that the bad reverend has bitten into something he can't chew. The military has issued a special order, to all service personal, to avoid contact with this nutter, so that he has no opportunity to sue the military.

Guess what, Reverand Ass? There are a shit load of vets and relatives of vets that did not receive that order.

While I certainly would not be so foolish as to advocate violence against even this walking turd, I have worked with angry messed up vets, 'coming down' after their time in Vietnam. I know there are some very, very angry young men in America, right now, who do not appreciate what this self enamoured fool is doing.

On the other hand, Phelps openly encourages soldiers to dessert. That used to be illegal, didn't it? Or is it only illegal for non-religious types?

Nut two, James Dobson is only slightly less vicious but much more dangerous. Like Phelps, his true religion his himself and his burning hatred of gays is what binds him to his twisted version of Christianity. A version that glorifies anger, hatred, blood lust and turns love into a four letter curse word.

In short, another self serving, Satan worshiping nut case, pretending to be a Christian. Lots of those around these days.

Dobson is more dangerous than a Phelps because Dobson is much smarter and has been a much better self promoter than Phelps. To be fair, Phelps is a hungry hound for media exposure, but he ain't got the bucks to really make it happen.

I guess God doesn't love Phelps enough to send him much money.

Dobson on the other hand is reputed to be riding a camel at a needle as god has, and blind ignorance have, sent him and his organization lots of money.Whether the camel through the eye of the needle analogy fits Dobson or not, the man lives well, flies to his appointments and doesn't sleep in a camper or flee bag hotels whilst spreading the gospel of his serpentine religious/political creed.

Dobson pushes the cart of Focus on the Family before him as he decrees, screw the poor, screw the raped, screw the young, screw the humanity of women and oh, by the way, Sponge Bob Squarepants is part of the gay agenda. Kill it a'fore it multiplies!

Abortion is evil, uppity women are evil, young women are witches and the damned gays are the cause of it all.

'God loves you but he's going to torture you for ever if you don't do and vote as I say.' I suppose.

There is a striking commonality with these two 'men of God'. Each preaches a gospel that ultimately focuses on themselves.

Two angry, hate driven men who lust for power and recognition. Who spread their hatreds, equating their bigotries with the very nature of God, which they claim to represent, in a special way.

While Phelps is a mere symptom of the spiritual state of America, a festering boil on the arse of Christianity, Dobson is one of those helping to create that ugly spirit. A man who has the ear of the little president and apears to have the power to play Kingmaker in the administration.

Phelps and Dobson, two banal, hateful little men cut from the same cloth and and worshipping at the same alter. The altar of an agrandized self. A self than believes it is empowered to judge and condemn as suits its desires and interests. As though they and God were one.

If I were still a Christian, I would have to say, that these two men and the legions riding or clinging to the same bandwagon, worship a god that I call Satan.

Links again:

Dobson: Focus on Himself

Brian Elroy McKinley This is a very interesting site well worth a visit. McKinley is a former Christian who speaks with wisdom and the authority of personal experience. He has written a number of penetrating articles on a variety of topics including his percerptions of what has happened to American Christianity in the last few years. He wrote Dobson:Focus on Himself

Pic of Phelps

Wikipedia articles on Phelps

Dobson as Kingmaker

I've just discovered a web site recently put up by Jay Currie, here in British Columbia. The site advocates extraditing Phelps to Canada to face Hate Crime charges. Phelps has been charged with hate crimes in Canada, as a result of his criminal activities in this country. He is officially persona non gratis up here. You can't openly advocate violence toward an identifiable group in Canada. In America it's alright as long as the hated groups don't include the White House occupants.
Find it here.


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Dobson anymore frightening then the prayer breakfasts in Congress that have their origin in this group [url][/url]?

Louis Linng

At 10:36 PM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

To answer the question, probably not. Dobson is just one of the dangerous preachers. More effective than some, less than others.

I've read about these so called prayer breakfast meetings. Very scary stuff. They aren't just praying at those sessions, are they?

At 6:19 AM, Blogger frstlymil said...

Frightening stuff. Per usual, for in depth reporting on what is going on in the world, I must turn to writers like yourself who do not work for a newspaper or broadcast news organization, nor are paid investigative journalists - yet you consistently manage to do a better job at getting information out there with each op ed you post here. Thank you.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger KK said...

Ok now, I agree with all the crap about Phelps...I mean seriously he is a whacko. And to that, I give you this link It's an interview with one of his daughters/lawyers by the guys at Very funny, yet sad at the same time.

Anyway, I couldn't disagree more about your view of Dobson. I think you should look into him a bit more. He is not a preacher at all, he never claims to be. He has verbally stated numerous times that he is no theologian either. What he is is a liscensed Psychologist and also a liscensed Marriage and Family Therapist. His site and books are about psychology related things such as child rearing from a Christian perspective. I myself am in the process of recieving my counseling liscense. We talked a lot about Dobson in my psychology classes at both my extremely secular and public undergrad school and my liberal Christian grad school. Dobson is not a preacher, he is here to teach people about family, that's it. Just cause he has different opinions from you doesn't make him evil. We can't all agree.


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