Monday, August 01, 2005

Complaining Prosecutors, John Bolton, and the Little President

Have you ever heard of a prosecutor complaining that a trial is being rigged, in favour of the prosecution? Neither have I. Such claims are made by defense attorneys, on a regular basis. But, when the prosecutors in a case, begin to complain that the proceedings are being rigged in favour of the prosecution, I have to give it a listen.

That is exactly what has happened in the up coming closed trials, via military commission, for four Gitmo detainees.
Read this now, please.

The leaked emails give further credence my assertion that the majority of people being held in detention are not terrorists but people picked up in random snatches, usually from the streets of Iraq, during public protests or grabbed at random from the crowds gathering after an insurgent bombing.

The prosecution is complaining that there is no real evidence against the detainees in question. The prosecutors are complaining that they are working very low level cases and that they have been told that the Tribunal will be hand picked and convictions are already a done deal. The prosecutors are assigned to gather information and evidence for any future review of the commission.

When the prosecutors themselves are complaining of guaranteed convictions, some things are very, very rotten in Gitmo.

The Pentagon's Brigadier General Thomas Hemingway, informs us basically, that the complainers were cleaned out and there's no problem, any more. " "I think what we did is work on some restructuring in the office, there was some changes in the way cases were processed…

None of the assistant prosecutors who complained are involved in the cases, any more.

Damned, if that hasn't become the American way to deal with problems. Get rid of the person who points out the problem. Shoot the messenger, every time. Predicated upon the insane idea that if no one knows there is a problem, there really isn't a problem. We don't bother with being good, we are too busy trying to look good.

At the same time, the little president who hates democracy, has taken it on himself to appoint John Bolton US Ambassador to the U. N.

As usual, the little president lied his tiny face off in his speech, announcing the appointment. One lie after the other about Bolton's passionate love for the UN Remember, that's Bolton, the guy who wants to see the end of the UN, wants the US to be the only permanent seat in the security counsel, thinks the UN must serve US interests or be dumped. He's got passion alright but the little president misnamed that passion, didn't he?

That, of course, is what the little president does best, tell great big old lies with a straight face and a down home, next door neighbor style. Dumb as he is, he's good at that. Learned it very early one suspects and never got around to growing out of it.

Soon I must talk more about the big president, the one that keeps the neocon plan moving forward under the smoke and mirrors of Carl Rove's propaganda machine. Dick Cheney. Uncle Dick has been a busy, busy boy these last few years and deserves a lot more credit than he gets, and attention.

The full truth of the outing of Valerie Plame, the high level CIA agent, has not been told. Cheney is in the mix and I for one want to see if Rove will fall on his sword to protect the big president or will that honour fall to "Scooter". Scooter, that's a good name for a fall guy, eh?

For those who wanted to know, the novel is now officially done. At least the first draft is finished. I'm taking off a couple of weeks, to do some blogging and research for the next novel, before the revision process begins.


At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guy,
Your starting to take on my rant can't type as fast as they piss me off style. (wink)
Louis Linng AKA. Disenfranchised, John Hancock, Martin Brubur


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