Friday, April 01, 2005

For The Love'a God, Martha!

Do you ever wonder what the hell is going on in the world? Of course, you do. I wake up like that, every day. At the crack of noon.

Today I made my very strong cup of Dark French roast and stepped out to the corner, to blacken my lungs, as my sweetie calls it.. Caffeine is the secret of life before five PM and the true aroma of heaven. My appreciation of the taste and aroma of heaven was short lived.

There, staring me in the face from the Newspaper box, are the words: Dar-fur Death Toll Exceeds 300,000. Three hundred thousand people murdered for having the wrong colour skins, in their own lands. Murdered by religious extremists only a couple of short steps beyond our own home grown variety of religious extremist.

You get the strong impression that most of the industrialized world, does not care. Why? This is worse than Bosnia. Could it be because these are dirt poor black people, in Africa?

The racist Islamic extremists in Dar-fur, and its national government, of the same ilk, and those in the outside world capable of having a positive effect, are knowingly responsible for a horrible mass of crimes. Those who commit these mindless atrocities and those who sit on their hands watching, are guilty.

Hey, I thought there was a war against terrorism. Too bad those black, Islamic people of Dar-fur have no natural resources to trade for their miserable lives. Who needs them? Is that the thinking or is there any rational thinking going on the places of power and wealth?

Mean while, back on the ranch: In the good old USA, the religious zealots and their cynical leaders edge closer and closer to open violence against everyone they don't like. Which appears to be quite a few people.

One thing clearly indicated by their angry lustful death threats, is that they do not trust their all powerful god to take care of his own business. "Vengeance is mine!" they cry. Cleverly forgetting the last part of the biblical quote. "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord." Makes it clear, it does appear, that he and he alone will reap vengeance upon his enemies.

Now, If you actually believe this stuff, why do you act like such soulless barbarians? It is a real question that I am yet to get a real answer to...

I have said in the past that I believe the politicized Christians of America represent the brown shirts of this place and era. The SA was a political movement with strong religious overtones. The religious ideology was a strange mix of reconstructed Nordic paganism and some aspects of protestant Christianity.

They were a force not directly connected to the government. The murderous zealots, Hitler could direct at anyone, while maintaining a legal distance. In the end, he allowed the army to destroy the brown shirts as part of his deal with the Army and some of the big money corporations, whose support he needed. Take note Born Againskyites.

The Evangelical Christian Right is a deep fetid pool of rage, hatred, and fear, just looking for any excuse to unleash their sick godless rage. Many actually believe that their cowardly murderous actions will win them hero status and give them a ticket straight to Jesus, the oops, pacifist... I suppose if enough people pretend you are in heaven, you will be. Sort of. In a way, I guess.

You know these guys are desperate because they don't even get promised seventy virgins in paradise. I suppose that would be a bit frightening to an American protestant. Girls are still icky for them.

All in all, the motivations for one variety of narcissistic nut case is pretty much the same as for the other. That goes for Fearless George, as well.

I have never lived under foreign occupation so I reserve judgment regarding those who willing give their lives to repulse a hyper destructive occupying army.

I do not find it that difficult to imagine being either an American soldier or a devastated citizen whose crime is the mere fact that he lives in Iraq. This horror must stop.

If this class of violent minded, moral reprobates, who populate the politicized evangelical right, have their way, a big box of that same horror, created in Dar-fur and Iraq, will be opened and poured out in the 'Homeland'. Cause they love America so much, they want it all for themselves.

For those of you in the black community, who have allowed your fears and prejudices regarding gay people, to suck you into to this hateful version of Christianity, you should take note:
I grew up in the heart of this terrible movement and I guarantee , that no matter what is said today, these people of the Christian white right, will come to consider you in exactly the same light, as the Arab Muslims of Dar-fur view their black Muslim brothers and sisters. Not good enough, not 'real' Muslims. 300,000 thousand die. More will yet.

That is how these movements have always developed. The majority of the many, many thousands of Jews killed or made refugees by the Spanish inquisition, were Christians. The vast majority. But, once again, not good enough, not 'real' Christians. You get the picture? Insanity is often described as doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

I know, in the end, when they let themselves loose, they will consider all black people, not good enough, not 'real' Christians. They can't help themselves. The devil has them by the balls and you don't want to join with them, brothers and sisters.

Preacher mode off.

OK, moving right along: I want to end this post with a plug for three bloggers I read and admire and believe you will enjoy reading. I know from comments and from emails I receive at my hotmail addy, that I have some very bright readers. Readers that I am genuinely proud of. Respecting that, I will not steer you foolishly to just any old blogger I happen to like.

Each of these three bloggers has something unique, pithy, rational, and entertaining in their writings. I'm sure we don't all agree with each other on every thing, honestly opinionated people never do. But I find each of them more than worth the read..

In no particular order:

God dem!
By JET- a relative newbie who is finding herself and her writing voice very quickly. A natural born writer with logic, passion, and a real interest in her topics. Be nice or be deconstructed.

The Lucidity and Lunacy of Millicent Frastley
Frstlymil is my absolute favourite non political blogger. There is a very sane philosophy between the lines but she has her own very unique and very readable way of communicating with the written word. Her observations of life, in her part of LA, are always entertaining but often moving in a very personal way, as well.

Last and far from least,
Skinny Dipping With the President Rhonda describes her blog as "Political Rant meets Personal Diary". A very fitting description. Rhonda is often short, very punchy (I like that), to the point and has a wicked imagination and sense of humour that is only beginning to greet the world. She ads something new and different to my day of ugly news reading . She is already damned interesting and I think her best is yet to come.

I like the idea of introducing my readers to other writers I find interesting and hope you do as well. You have suggestions? Email them to the hotmail addy found in the profile. I don't want to put it here because of the damned spammer collector bots.

I am not putting permanent links on this blogger site because I will soon be moving to a web site where I will repay all the links I owe. I will continue to regularly update this blog but the archives will be much more accessible. I plan to have some features that I hope will increase both the information and yes, the entertainment value of the site.

See ya Monday.


At 4:49 PM, Blogger Jet said...

Man, Thomas. I live in the south, but I've never lived in your south. I hope better progress has been made racially than what you fear. Personally, as a former mid-westerner, Detroit has me more worried. Either scenario is scary and unacceptable.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger frstlymil said...

Ah, Thomas, once again you cut to the quick with the ugly truth of the matter...notice how we jumped to the aid of the Tsunami victims with millions, yet barely mention the Sudan? Would that we all develop the guts to speak the truth in your fashion. I heard an absolutely profound poem by a fellow student where I go to school - I wish I knew her name to credit her - I came in after introductions and she was surrounded by too many people at the end - a young black woman of about 19 years old who read aloud her poem "I am not an American...don't call me that..." then beautifully stated that truth you just spoke of with the fluid grace that the true poet can use to bring the entire room to its feet. Most of us cried. I'd like to be more hopeful - but living in a "Blue" state that has a kind of run amok racism that one can witness at any given moment - I admit to feeling pretty bleak about it.

And as far as the lovely words and plug...I'm deeply flattered - it means a tremendous amount to have a true writer such as yourself clicking to read my blatherings.

At 10:05 PM, Blogger R said... don't know how many people support this President just because their preacher told them it was the Godly thing to do. I've got relatives for a fine example of such a case. They don't bother to find out what this president truly stands for. They just hear him make pretty statements about the right to life and off they go wherever he leads. Even if it's straight to hell. You nailed it.
Anyway..thanks for pimping me and for the lovely compliment. I'm not worthy, but I'm flattered and grateful. Thank you.

At 11:46 PM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

Yowsa! Folks, stop with the unworthy stuff. You're both wrong and it is counter productive.

First, you respect my opinions but when it's about you, I'm wrong. Make up your minds. :)

Jet, I guess Alabama really is the wounded heart of Dixie. But, I'm told Mississippi is worse.

I'm just glad to be FROM there. Far from there.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger iotm said...

What rhonda said above is basically what happened in Iraq. People weren't voting because the election was finally a chance to express the will of the people, they were voting because Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani issued an edict saying it's the duty of all Shia in Iraq to vote for the party he supported, otherwise they'd go to hell. And they won, despite the fact that they didn't really have much of a platform, other than being mildly Islamic.

In fact the Shia List that won is pretty accomodating to the occupation, which is something that pretty much everyone in Iraq is against, and the main issue facing Iraqis as well.

You're not participating in anything democratic if by voting you're simply doing what whatever authority you respect, religious or otherwise, tells you to do.

Sorry for the ranting in your comments section!

At 12:51 PM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

Hey, ranting is part of what a comment section is for.

IOTM is yet another very worthy blogger with an intelligent and well researched way of making his/her point.

Click on the name, IOTM, on the comment, and read something interesting and edifying.


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