Friday, March 25, 2005

Poor George

It's been a rough couple of weeks for King George. Three months into his second term, his approval rating has begun a rapid swan dive. And it seems to bother the King, very much.

Wolfowitz is headed for the top of the World Bank, only because he has been forced out of his base of power, among the neo-cons and Generals of the Pentagon. Ousted because Big Oil money does not like the war, and what it has become, and because the neo-con dream of privatizing the Iraqi oil industry runs counter to the interests of Big Oil.

That may sound outrageous to some. Allow me to explain. The large oil corporations of the US were all for going in and killing Sadaam and his immediate supporters. They had their own military plans.

They already had his Bathist replacement picked out. Another strong man, who would maintain the countrys' infrastructure and internal security and be friendly to the US and the Oil Companies interests. Maintaining the status quo, strengthening their own position with OPEC, freeing up Iraqi oil, for the world market, all with out a messy, politically dangerous war. Another Sadaam, good for maybe another twenty years.

The oil companies in America are making record breaking profits. They have no desire to break OPEC. They want their own puppet at the OPEC table. Again, the rising price of oil at the producer level, has only benefited the American oil companies. They are making record breaking profits as I write.

Big oil does not want to destroy OPEC by privatizing Iraq's oil, thereby countering OPEC's ability to control the price of oil. The neo-con idea of privatization, and the neo-con approach to the war, run directly counter to the interests of the major share holders of the big oil corporations. Not light weights in American power politics.

So, things are getting complicated for King George who owes much of his good 'fortune' to big oil money.

Conservative Senators and members of Congress, from both sides of the isles, are building opposition to the far reaching powers given to the government and the Executive Office under the Patriot Act. Conservatives are beginning to realize that they too may become victims of a law that ignores the constitution, the legal lynch pin of the American system.

Many of his former Christian-Right allies are pulling away from the fold, some because they have begun to realize the President is a shifty, back tracking liar, that has used them. Some because the blatant, obvious as a whore's hooters hypocrisy, of Bush intervening in the Terri Shiavo case, is too much for anyone to bear.

George screwed up again. Eighty two percent of the population disagrees with what he is doing, regarding Terri Shiavo. But damn the peasants. If the filibuster rules get changed, under the cover of all the Shiavo smoke and mirrors, he will stack the Supreme court with the kind of Judges that would have heard the very weak Shiavo case. The kind of judges that know when to support the needs of the King.

What do mere citizens know about these things?

Mean while, the revelations about the fake news distributed from the White House and dutifully presented as actual news by media outlets, has caused more Bush believers to doubt their faith.

More and more, top Republicans and noted Christian gay haters, are getting outed for sex with little boys, child porno, and or taking it up the bum from Bulldog and his roguish Marine playmates.

Ordinary Americans refuse to believe, that the new bank and credit card company sponsored Bankruptcy Bill, is good for debt ridden Americans.

As if enough people weren't already grumbling and disturbing the King's rest, a damned grass roots anti-war movement has come alive in America. Something George greatly fears and thought he could control via the marvelous co-operation given by the media. If no body know there's a movement, it won't matter. It seemed to work in NYC during the Republican convention. The largest demonstrations and mass arrests in New York City history, and barely a blip in the news, anywhere in America.

Still, a real cross section of Americans are disbelieving George's excuses for his war and they are daring to speak up about it. Some dare to say he is losing the war. This should not be happening to a noble War Time President, who worked so long and hard, and told so many huge lies, to create his war. George figures he deserves to have it his way. It's his war, his 'mandate', and his country, damn it!

But that devils' invention, the internet, has become a leak in the media/information wall erected by corporate media and policed by the FCC, the sworn enemy of independent media.

In spite of all the best efforts and great successes in controlling American information media, the reality of all his many, many lies, speaks much louder than his words. Just when he was getting ready to go back on his promise to stick to the all volunteer army, and reintroduce conscription.

I wonder, if Bush still believes his directions come straight from God? Does he believe all the many people, from every place in life, who doubt him and distrust him, are all merely tools of evil? Allowed by God, to test his resolve? A scary thought, boys and girls.

I nearly wept with laughter, listening to one of the most vindictive men to ever grace the Oval office, practically begging Democrats and detractors to quit criticizing him and his policies.

What kind of wimp crap is that? The first time this vicious, no holds barred, wielder of character assassination (McCain, Kerry, AARP, to name only three), begins to feel a bit of heat from the fires he has started, he takes it personal and wimps for sympathy.

Damn! Somebody put this worm back in the garden. He has a natural place in life but it is not the Presidency of the United States.

I've said before: George Bush has been a very useful puppet for Cheney, and the Neo-cons behind him. With his many personal flaws and weaknesses, Bush will make an even better fall guy.

Personally, I would not begin the cheering yet. His most viscously destructive acts are still ahead of him and us. Tyrants, dictators, and fools like Bush, do not go gentle into that good night. He will rage against the dying of his power.


At 8:33 PM, Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Well said, Thomas. I hope this trend continues, because it's long overdue. And yes, it is definitely too early to celebrate just yet. But we must press on.

At 4:19 PM, Blogger frstlymil said...

Beautifully stated, as usual. King George's sin of Pride will be his ultimate can Sir Thomas More stated.. "Pride measures her advantages not by what she has but by what other people lack. Pride would not deign even to be made a goddess if there were no wretches for her to sneer at and domineer over. Her good fortune is dazzling only by contrast with the miseries of others, her riches are valuable only as they torment and tantalize the poverty of others...Pride is too deeply fixed in human nature to be easily plucked out..." Let's hope more people wake up to the fact that this is the true platform of King George's reign.

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Jet said...

Great post, Thomas. I too am excited to see the stirrings of grass roots disent. These are exciting, albeit frustrating, times.

At 1:42 AM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

Yes, my friends, we do live 'interesting' times.

In deed, "pride goeth before the fall". A hard fall from a high place is likely to be King Georges' fate, and Cheney, Rice, Rummy, Wolfy, and maybe the whole bunch of neo-con garbage.

But, we are just seeing the first visible cracks in the foundation of this totalitarian coup. A long ugly struggle is ahead of us, I fear.

But, the 'us' gets larger everyday. A world movement is building. Opposition to the war and the unbridled power this president has given himself and his minions, is growing in America.

I fear becoming too optimistic in the immediate future. There are going to be a lot of set backs and the Bush baby has yet to play serious hard ball in the home games.

One thing that works for us, is that the slaughter of the National Guard and reserve forces, the lies, the poor training and equipment, and the many abuses of the basic rights of those men and women, will make it very difficult for this government to turn the NG's or the Reserves against the American people. This is a good thing.

As this movement grows, I do expect to see his brown shirts, the Christian-right, become much more active and violent.

I believe that no matter what Bush does, in the end, this tyrant is going to fall. I only hope that Bush, Cheney and their cronies will end in prison, where they truly belong.


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