Sunday, September 05, 2004

Jaysus the Republican

Yowsa! The RNC...

I’ve always hated political conventions. They are, to me, about as boring as it is possible to be. Rivalling only prayer meetings as practical treatments for acute insomnia. But then, this was as much a prayer meeting as a political convention. Perhaps more so, behind the carefully directed cameras.

The Democracy Now Network reported that 61% of the conventions’ delegates came from the Christian-right.

This very interesting report by NPR's Linda Wertheimer, is well worth watching.

Some notable Christian rightists were perturbed at the “secular” message the Party was pushing to lure undecided voters. Paul Weyrich, considered to be one of the founders of the Christian right, expressed the fear that the GOP’s deliberately, disingenuous “secular message” would disenchant some Christian rightists come election day.

On the other hand, Jerry Falwel, who was not at the convention, said that Mr. Bush and his advisors were being “wise” to present a less religious face for a few days.

Leo Barris (sp?) of the Christian Coalition of Oregon was more direct. He was comfortable with the temporary public face because he is “comfortable with our strength”. He went on to say that most of the delegates were born again Christians. He said that being a Christian was more or less the first prerequisite to membership in the Texas delegation.

Meanwhile, at the podium, Arnie is lying his actors' face off, regaling the audience with utterly fictitious tales about the communist domination of Austria that drove him to America. At that time, Austria was ruled by a very right wing coalition. There were no Soviet tanks in the streets. But, I suppose, Arnie wanted to fit in with the other big story tellers of the night.

With the one exception of Paul Weyrich, every good Christian that spoke to the question, displayed a smug confidence that no matter what was said at the convention, the man in the Oval office is one of them. Their version of Jaysus the Republican will have his godly way.

Jaysus the Republican merges with Mammon Corp. of America. It’s the new gospel .

Were it possible, even the very elect would be fooled.


At 11:22 PM, Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Nice, man, and oh so true!

Here's my take on why Jesus would never be president:

Crazy blog you got here. I like it.

At 11:46 PM, Blogger Bob said...

Excellent post !

I always wondered who would go to a republican convention...thanx for filling in the blanc on that one....


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