Saturday, August 21, 2004

CELIBACY: Bleeding stigmata of the Church

Ever growing revelations of sexual misconduct by the clergy again raise the question of celibacy within the priesthood. At least among the laity it is an issue, even if the current Pope has decided the celibacy debate is over.

The huge scandal in Boston involving numerous victims, priests, and a Bishop who knowingly protected the accused priests, has served to inspire and energize a lay movement in Boston that has spread far beyond that city.

Read more-Link#1.Globe: Abuse in Church

Three solutions, to the current problems of the Church, proposed by the lay movement are, an end to the rule of celibacy, to give more power to parish members in choosing priests, and the ordination of women.

The incredible sums of hush money paid from parishes, without the knowledge or consent of the lay members, has inspired demands for greater lay involvement in the finances of the parish and the Diocese. It would seem that the people in the pews want to shine some light on the men behind the alters. That should’t bother anyone. After all, they’re priests. What could they have to hide?

Next: Thousands of Married Priests, a Rent-A-Priest group that is serious, and I will predict who the Church will blame and punish in response to the outrage over corrupt priests.


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