Saturday, August 21, 2004



I used to be a preacher
but I quits the holy ghost.
Caught twixt Lilith
and old JayHova
I liked wine,
That kind of thing the most.

Well, some will
tch tch tch
their tight little lips
and shake they righteous heads
but, it was God his self that invented sex
and put this fire between
our legs.

That’s right!
Your God made the whole damned thing.
Made men and women
(not necessarily in that order)
made sun shine
hormones and

Yes!Yes!Yes! He did.
But, it was people what invented gun powder.
And laws to regulate love
and laws just because
and laws to save the starving
and protect the national cause.

‘til everybody is scared and angry
the dance of death has begun.
Half the world has an empty belly ‘cause we
Spent it All
on guns.

Well, I ain’t seen Jesus lately
But, I saw a demon
just last night.
He was Preaching!
Love and law, up on Granville street
with a face full of cruelty and spite.

I saw a piece of World War Three
Leap out of that Preachers eyes.
and before he was thru
he demonstrated to me
that his True religion was
financial enterprise.

And that’s why I don’t preach no more
or read your big black book.
Caught twixt hell fire and peace keeper missiles
I’m scared shitless to even look.

So Preacher,
you better save your self
climb down off ‘a your cross
Or soon there will be
NoBody left
for you or your gods to boss.

T.McCay 2000-all rights reserved


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