Saturday, August 21, 2004

What Do You Think?

More disturbing news has crossed my desk in the last couple of days. Here's a goody.

The Governor of South Dakota has recently removed links, to the Planned Parenthood site, on the states' official web site.

He did this to appease one man, the local Catholic bishop. Read the whole story.

As I've said elsewhere, there is a certain twisted humour in this. The state's highest elected official takes his marching orders from a ranking member of what is arguably the worlds largest paedophile ring. Namely the Catholic priesthood. The Bishops letter.

One must wonder why the priesthood is so determined to make young poor people ruin their lives with children they don't want and can't take care of.

What? The priests are running out of victims?

People have a right to access this information. People have a right to make informed choices about their own lives. No self righteous religious/political preacher has the right to hide such information from the public.

The separation of church and state is a Constitutional protection that is being thrown out by the Bush administration. Recognizing that the religious right is an important political ally, Bush has given a number of financial and politically en powering concessions to church based political groups. The Constitution be damned.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Amy Chapman said...

Maybe not so much running out of victims but running out of sheep who are blindly financially supporting a huge moneymaking business by having more children than they can really afford, raising those children to blindly follow and all the while voting and contributing to the business of the catholic church.

They (the catholics) are no better (only richer) than the so called "evil" religions of country we are presently at war with.

G.W. is creating the same kind of dangerous religious/politically divided country as that which exsists in Iraq. Why should only one of the many religions practiced here in the United States get to make the laws regarding birth control. The rest of us "liberals" are not trying to make the Christian right have an abortion - why are they fixated about not letting the rest of the nation have one if they want.
Religious leaders are exploiting the insecurity of these "sheep" regarding "sexual" issues and creating much deep seated resentment on both sides. The sheep unfortunately will probably never quite understand the arguement but we as a nation need to stand up against these "religious" leaders when they try to take over the political field.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

I completely agree with the main thrust of what you are saying here. As well, I must throw this into the mix:

Both Catholic and protestant groups are benefiting from the "Faith Initiative" give aways. While protestant and evangelical groups dominate the tax trough, there is no Catholic protestant split among the religious right, at this point. I suspect that comes later.

Also, while the Vatican is one very very rich entity, American Catholic churches probably have a good bit less liquid cash that the other christian groups and protestant real estate investment has climbed over the last couple of decades. Though I have no facts concerning how the denominations compare re real property.

Maureen Dowd said, in an interview on the NPR site, that when George senior was prez, W was mostly left on the outside of the inner circle, playing the role of enforcer and given responsibility for schmoozing the religious right, on his dads' behalf.

Now W is paying back his political favours owed, directly at the expense of the Constitution.


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