Friday, November 19, 2004


In the last while we've seen a lot of changes in the Bush cabinet, with the promise of more to come. This changing of the guard represents the current defining example of that ancient adage, "The more things change, the more they stay the same.". Only more so, one might add.

Powell, once seen to be the voice of reason in the cabinet, eventually became the voice of compliance, damaging his credibility, perhaps fatally. Whatever reason was left in that voice, the president has been deaf to it, from the beginning.

Gross, Gonzales, Rice, etc. just more of the same only, more so.

Now they have begun clearing out the non-believers and liberal democrats from the CIA. We don't want anyone who balks at using the CIA in America on Americans. We don't want information coming from anyone who doesn't see things the way 'we' do, the president seems to think. What else can be meant by the idea of enforced "loyalty to the president"? Not loyalty to the country and the government but loyalty to the man. Government employees should be party members now?

If there is no one left, to let on we're failing, no one will know. Mission Accomplished. We're winning the war and democracy has never been sweeter. And when we've incarcerated all those malcontents that don't believe our new democracy is sweet, it will be sweeter still.

God Bless America the Sweet.

Democracy and the founding personal liberties are being beaten to death, before our eyes, by an authoritarian gang of corporate sponsored party hacks. It is a misery to behold.

Every arm and branch of government is being filled with cookie cutter Republican functionaries. The president, himself a long time beneficiary of unqualified appointments, sees no problem with surrounding himself and filling all niches of his government with such appointees.

They will know which side of the bread the butter is on. On the Republican side, of course. On the George Bush and America has never been sweeter side. That is where the jam and butter is. Let the 'reality mongers' eat hard tack and burnt crumbs.

Of course, the sweetness can only spread so far and so wide. All may have been born equal but all do not merit equally. Proven allies first, then their deserving friends and relatives.

For those who merely voted for them and had the bumper sticker on their cars, well, thank God they have a Godly Commander-in-Chief to feed their sons to.

Those folks should not be expecting a share of the pie. After all they are lucky already, just to be 'right minded' Americans. Safe from foreign terrorists and free to do what is expected of them.

Don't expect jobs, the corporate need for cheap offshore labour makes America competitive. The military will supply employment for the young and the rest of you should be able to find your own jobs. After all, you're Americans, fearlessly independent, willing to take your chances in the new corporate America. You're the right stuff. Or you should be.

Don't expect tax relief unless you are of the deserving rich. America is stronger and better when the rich prosper. Someone has to pay taxes to support the now deregulated budget deficit and the war. And that someone is, naturally, you Mr. and Ms working and middle class America. Remember, when exonerating the very wealthy from all responsibility for their large part of the tab, America is made stronger and Americans are made, well, poorer.

Improved medical benefits and more inclusive medical insurance for the citizens of the greatest country on earth? Care for the elderly and those who can't afford big insurance premiums? Surely you jest. That's communism here and now and a waste of the savings you might otherwise have horded for your unproductive old age.

Remember, we are not lazy cowardly Europeans or cold hearted Canadians. We know that having the best medical care in the world, for that percentage of Americans who can afford it, is what really counts. The profits of the giant drug manufacturers and the medical establishment make America strong, a great place to Live. Not easy access to medical care. That isn't freedom.

But, be assured that your presidents sweets will be spread far enough to have his followers in every nook and cranny of government, from the VA to the Supreme Court.

With the weakling Powell replaced by the presidents favorite unqualified ideologue, Ms Rice, and the scary old war horse Ashcroft replaced by Mr. Bush's most trusted private lawyer and enemy of international law and justice, Mr. Gonzales. With the loyal functionary Mr. Gross cleaning any free thinkers from the CIA and Mr. Rumsfeld still firmly in charge of the Defense Department, the new Corporate Imperial America is near complete, near perfect. Now, regarding the Supreme Court...

It is a great day for ancient truisms. "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The more things change, the more they stay the same". Only, more so.


At 8:39 AM, Blogger frstlymil said...

Beautifully, beautifully written. You speak my mind, and hit all of today's horrors smack in the face with the reality of it. I had a very weird dream last night that I was making a long distance telephone call and a recorded voice came on prior to the connection, saying "this call will be recorded for your safety." I have a sinking feeling my wacky dream may not be far from the future mark.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

Thanks much for the kind words "Math Goddess". :) You are not a bad writer yourself. I've been reading your blog and find we have important things in common-a love of high end coffee, politics, strong cheese, and dogs dogs dogs. And did I say dogs?

I don't crate mine either, in fact, we bought a king size bed to fit the whole pack. My guys only chew things that smell or taste like food. Just don't spill the cheese sauce on your favorite shoes.


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