Friday, October 29, 2004

Election Violence in Homeland America??

This will be my last post regarding the upcoming election. Monday I will deal with something else. Anything else! I'm so tired of this election, I will be glad when it is over. Though, not as glad, if Bush manages to steal the election, as I believe he will.

Even if you are also sick of it, here is something you should read before election day. It will be all the news in the days following the election.

The article, entitled Twelve ways Bush is now stealing the Ohio vote, it is written by Bob Fitrakis and Jack Wasserman, of the Free Press.

A quote from the article:

* Under an archaic Ohio law, both the Republican and Democratic Parties, or any slate of five candidates, may embed official election challengers inside polling places. The New York Times reported on Oct. 23 that the Republican Party intends to place thousands of lawyers and other GOP faithfuls inside the polls to challenge voters. Republican insiders confide here that the key goal is to jam lines and frustrate new voters. The GOP apparently figures many voters in key Democratic precincts won't wait in line more than 15 minutes to vote. This is certain to be a major tactic in Cleveland's Cuyahoga County and other Democratic strongholds. The GOP is not planning to challenge voters in Republican districts. "

Think about that. The Republicans are planning to hire thirty five thousand lawyers and young Repuglicans to harass and intimidate and inconvenience voters in Democratic, mostly black neighborhoods, all across the country, not just in Ohio.

The intention to steal the election is very plain to see. The twelve things mentioned in the article are going to happen all over America, except, of course, in Republican districts. Because they are the 'good' Americans, the only ones worthy of the vote, or so the GOP obviously believes.

I predict that there will be violence at the polls in some areas. These scared white middle class Republicans are going into black neighborhoods to actively intimidate and harass locals who are trying to vote. Given the fear and racial arrogance that will motivate a lot of these political thugs and given the Republican love of guns, some of them will be armed. Make no mistake, we are talking about America. Some of the Republican thugs will go into to those communities armed against citizens that they fear and consider to be enemies. Good enough to fight the Republican wars but not worthy of voting.

I will not be surprised if there are incidents of real violence and even shootings at some polls on election day. Two likely hot spots will be Detroit and Philadelphia. Where the Republicans have long talked of the need to suppress the black Democratic vote.

I have no sympathy for anyone who goes into any American community to suppress the vote and deny fellow citizens of what is a sacred democratic right. That is about as Un-American as you can get.

I confess to hoping that the people in those communities will give these whey faced little Nazis a real lesson in participatory democracy. I think it more likely that a voter or two will get shot by some scared white punk on a mission for his ugly political deity.

Another link regarding GOP plans to challenge black voters in Florida. Video

Don't you just love America?


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