Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thinking of Leaving?

Since starting this blog, I have received a number of emails from Americans expressing the desire to move out of the States. Anyone with any awareness realizes that the next four years are going to be strange and difficult in America. To say the least.

I hear from friends down there, that talk of exiting the 'Homeland' is very common.. For most, that is not likely to happen. It takes money to immigrate to other countries.
Money and education, which most of those likely to be turned into cannon fodder, simply do not have.

I think it fair to say that many Americans richly deserve the hell they have signed up for. Unfortunately, many who will pay the highest price, do not.

It is one thing to go about proclaiming your 'freedoms', it is an entirely different thing to live as a free people. Thomas Jefferson said that liberty requires eternal vigilance. Most Americans seem to have lost the nerve for that sort of vigilance, apparently assuming that Liberty is a freebee guaranteed by someone else. A roll the neocons and their pet politicians are eager to assume.

Unable and unwilling to see beyond the dictates of this strange political/religious cult that has over taken American Christianity, their arrogance and ignorance leads them, blindly following a fool over the precipice.

Kerry weaseled out. That's my take on it. Once again the Democrats blinked and lost nerve. Given the amount of registration and voter fraud pulled off by the Republicans, in so many areas, it was a betrayal of the people to give up so easy.

Kerry was never a solution to the problems America has dug itself into over the last four years. But, he would have represented a brief respite from this over the top assault on American democracy and the constitution.

It may be of some interest, to follow Kerrys' senate activities over the next couple of years, I suppose. But, the weasel cowed at the most crucial moment. Like so many, he chose to submit.

The world will not submit to this ignorant greedy little rich boy and his corporate masters. Too many Americans believe the country can go it alone. As they fail, and the price comes home to them, they will blame and punish everyone but themselves.

George once told his biographer that a great leader never admits a mistake. Georgie is determined to be remembered as a great leader, whatever the cost to America and the world.

In truth, this empty, morally weak, emotionally and intellectually stunted little man, does indeed, represent the character of far too many Americans.

Like so many of his countrymen, this president who never had a passport before becoming president, is largely unaware of the global reality. The real world price of this arrogant disinterest will be paid by all of America. All of America.

For those of you planning to exit the beast's belly, get your passports, NOW. Do some real research regarding possible destinations and the immigration laws of those countries. Don't wait until the shit hits the fan to plan your escape. You really need to know where you are headed before you start that journey.

Draft evaders were eventually 'forgiven'. Deserters are still considered criminals, after almost forty years. The clear lesson in that, is that you want to save yourself before you're fitted for the uniform. It is much more difficult after they've claimed you for the army.


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush never was a "wiz with words" or articulating at any rate. I hope it is obvious to most that "The worst leader is he who does not acknowledge his mistakes".

It is sad to see Kerry loose but I think there really was no last resort and he probably knew that better than the rest of us. If not, one would wonder why he would invest so much effort, blood, and sweat trying to gain american support for more than two years only to quit at the end of a very long and costly marathon.


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