Friday, September 17, 2004

A Tale of Two Deserters Part 3

I read today that Texans for Truth, has offered a fifty thousand dollar reward for hard proof that George W. Bush completed his military duties.

If you haven’t seen the ad, check it out. If you have, there is some interesting info there that takes the story further.

While wondering what our most famous deserter was up to or into tonight, I found myself reading some letters posted on a website, Veterans United for Kerry.

There is some very educational reading there. If you have never been in the military, I urge you to read some of these letters. What you may come away with, is a heightened sense of why our Commander-in-Chiefs’ faked military record is of material importance. Not just another slam on Bush.

If you have been in the military and still support the present administration, check it out. It isn’t big on nasty rhetoric, you may find it enlightening, in a small personal way. Maybe not, but it is worth the read. Especially this one.

I have no claim to moral superiority in the decision I made regarding my Air Force service. It was a very personal decision. It went against almost everything and everyone I knew.

While I strongly and publicly opposed Americas' involvment in Vietnam, I have never lacked respect for the guys who went to war. They were never just numbers in casualty figures to me. They were from my neighborhood, I served with them for a year before ‘quitting’. They were brothers of my time caught up in the same historical forces. In my mind, victims as well as honorable veterans of that damned war.

George Bush stepped outside the storm that the rest his generation was swept up in. Yet, he claims to have served “with Honor”. He has Never stood up and said what he really did or explained his reasons. He has never taken responsibility for his decisions.

With that in mind, it sickens me to see him play the military man. The heroic “war time president” parading in a uniform he has no right to wear.

All to sell this grab for domestic and international power. Not to mention the personal financial considerations of many in the administration that are part and parcel to this power grab.

I’ve kept this blog for a while before deciding to write from the expatriate view point. I explored what was happening in public schools, regarding something as low on the political radar, as sexual health education.

The dangerous lies being told by this government, in support of an agenda that is not entirely on the table, have amazed me. The direct assault on the constitution regarding issues of separation of church and state, are scary to behold. All to install the administrations’ morally and politically motivated Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage programs, in place of science based sexual education. Paying debts to and guaranteeing support from, the organized Christian Right

My research re: that topic is talked about in earlier postings on this blog.

What I found made it clear to me that the pro-democracy movement that has waned since the end of the Vietnam war, is re-awakening. Re-awakening in the face of a powerful foe that has not slept in a bed of hubris since those days. It has been awake and preparing for this conquest of American democracy on numerous fronts.

I have started this “Tale of Two Deserters” and writing AMERICAN EX because it is the small way that I can put my shoulder to the wheel, in an effort to preserve the Constitution and basic principles of American democracy.

Next Friday I want to talk about Veterans of World War Two and the democratic war they fought against Japanese Imperialism and the attempted domination of Europe by German fascism.

This isn’t your grandfathers’ war, young man. This one is brought to you by an authoritarian, corporate vision of America that has forgotten it’s revolutionary democratic past and all the things that once made America truly the ‘greatest country in the world’, in spite of it’s many problems.

AMERICAN EX shall be published three times per week, Mon., Wed.,and friday. With Fridays usually dedicated to A Tale of Two Deserters.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Phillip said...

i just came across your blog and i have a question for you, and if you've talked about it in a previous post then i apologize for being redundant. if bush does indeed win the election in november i am seriously considering moving to british columbia - i have thought about it for a while now. how difficult was the transition for you? is it hard to find work? places to live? what's vancouver like? i am so curious, and i'd appreciate any info you might offer.

At 7:26 AM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

I've been here since 1970. Everything has changed since then. Immigration is much more difficult.
It is expensive to live in Vancouver. Jobs? Depends on what you do and what you have to show for it.
These are not high roller times.

I suspect that Canada won't be a popular haven for draft refugees this time around.

The E.U. considers conscription to be a form of involuntary servitude, I believe. That may be the first choice for dissenters, if Bush wins, and pours a generation down the drain of Iraq


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