Monday, September 27, 2004

And so it Begins...

The first American military resistors have publicly announced themselves, in Canada. Brandon Hughey and Jeremy Hinzman are in Canada, seeking to reside here legally. There is reason to believe others are here, who have yet to proclaim themselves. Perhaps awaiting the outcome of Brandon and Jeremys' ordeal with immigration. It remains to be seen what their legal status will be.

You can learn more about these fine young men by clicking their hyper-linked names. They will make fine additions to any neighborhood.

In Nelson BC, a citizen, Ben Mulroney, wants to erect a monument to the American war resistors who settled in that area during the Vietnam war. Some are outraged Especially some American politicos who have contacted the mayor of Nelson to ask that no permit be allowed for this purpose.

The argument being that such a monument would somehow "dishonor" the vets who did go. The veterans of that area who went are somehow dishonored by the very mention of the veterans of that era who didn't go?

Perhaps it dishonors the wrong headed ideas behind the war. I suppose it may be seen to dishonor the less than honorable gentlemen who brought us the war. It does not dishonor the men who served and died. No more than the many resistors to the war, are dishonored by the Vietnam War Memorial Wall, in Washington. Each is part of the whole tragic story. Neither is dishonored by the recognition of the other.

To my mind, the memory of Johnson, Nixon, Kissinger and others are dishonored by every single name on that wall in Washington. There is no dishonor to veterans, to recognize those who fought to shorten that wall.

The immediate future looks bleak. More memorials are in the making as more lives are in the unmaking. Few can see the road ahead. Those whose vision is less hindered by political expediency, seem to be routinely ignored.

Fortunately I have a longer historical view. The bleak outlook for the immediate future does not paralyze me with despair. The pendulum continues its swing. The very first tendrils of resistance are appearing in many places.

Around the world, persons of note in every field of endeavor, are speaking out about the grave and immediate danger to world peace, posed by America and president Bush.

The UN sits in stony silence when the president presents a speech, recognized by all as a propaganda ploy and a veiled threat to the unwilling, the unbelievers.

The young men who represent Americas' future are looking away from America for the freedoms America claims to defend in Iraq.

Post script: I have received a comment from a reader that brings up the concept of courage and how it, or the lack of it, relates to the question of military 'duty', in different historical circumstances. i.e., The morality of WWII verses now.

This Wednesday I shall entertain and stab at answering some of the questions begged by the comment and the above mentioned persons and events.


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