Saturday, December 11, 2004

Lies That Tell the Truth

Starting with the unexpected news: Bernard Kerik has asked that his name be withdrawn from consideration for the post of Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

It seems that Mr. Kerik had yet to file the required disclosure forms necessary for the appointment. While filling out some of the forms, Kerik suddenly discovered that he had hired an illegal immigrant to work, in his home, as a housekeeper and nanny.

Kerik also admitted, "It has also been brought to my attention that for a period of time during such employment required tax payments and related filings had not been made."

Read the AP story here Kerik Withdraws.

It seems everything was going just fine for BK until it came time to bring forth those pesky ethics filings. I'm sure Kerik will get along very well but it must be such a disappointment. So close to having his very own secret police agency. Snatched away by an innocent everyday act of exploitation and tax evasion. How sad, blowing his chance to play Beria to Bushs' Stalin, on the world stage.

It was a rough week for Mr. Rumsfeld, too. It seems some private soldier, some tiny cog in the great wheel of neocon destiny, had the gall to ask why he and his comrades were being sent into combat without armour. A reasonable question which got a loud welcome from the twenty one hundred troops present at the photo op for the Secretary of Defense.

Mr. Rumsfeld, on the other hand, did not welcome the question, at all, or so it appeared. Rumsfeld, like his boss George Bush, shows his true nature the instant they are asked unscripted questions they can't easily ignore. Bush becomes an ignorant stumbling yokel who smirks, lies, and repeats himself, often out of context.

Rumsfeld hems and haws, puffs up and gives glib dishonest answers that demonstrate he is a man who just doesn't care about anything but his political agenda.

Rumsfeld told the soldiers that armour was being fitted to vehicles as fast as it was physically possible to do. Big lie. The company that makes the best factory fitted amour for the vehicles in question, has already offered to increase production but have not received orders to do so, from the Defense department.

His now infamous answer to the soldiers demonstrates very clearly the glib hubris and irrationality of the man. “As you know, you go to war with the army you have, and not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time . . . You can have all the armour in the world on a tank and it can still be blown up.”

First the silly part: Yes, you can get blown up in a tank. But, you are much more likely to get killed in a soft skinned (like a family car) hummvee or truck. A handgun will penetrate these vehicles, let's get real.

Now, to me, this statement is a raw revelation of the cheep greed and irrational mind set behind this rush to war. America was not suddenly forced into the war against Iraq. The intention and the plans were long in the works. But, much more preparation went into attempting to convince Americans and the world of the dire necessity of this war, than went into the war itself.

There was plenty of time to be buying and stockpiling weapons and equipment. Iraq posed no actual threat. There was no real need to go to war at all. There was certainly no real world reasons to launch the war on the day they did. However, there appears that Mr. Bush had a political timetable that superceded all other considerations.

Generals who dared tell congress that many more troops were going to be needed were quickly retired. Intelligence reports that didn't reflect what the administration wanted to hear, were buried or trashed.

The lack of preparation based on grossly optimistic projections from the White House, is costing young American lives in numbers that will only increase.

I would like to end this with a parting thought to those thinking of signing up for the war, here is just how grateful your country will be for your services. If you are seriously wounded in Iraq, too serious to return to duty, you will be immediately discharged. You will be forced to sign a waiver agreeing to accept continued medical treatment from the VA. Then you will discover the VA is completely swamped and unless you can afford private health coverage, you will wait a long time for treatment.

This is what is actually happening to returning vets. Men with serious debilitating injuries are being dumped on the streets without adequate or proper medical treatment. The first wave of Iraq veterans are beginning to appear in the homeless shelters. It's just starting. More and more, the reality of this ugly little war is coming home to America.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rumsfeld was momentarily stunned, but they recouped fast with the MOMENTOUS REVELATION that the soldier who asked the pesky question had been put up to it by a news reporter (who are not allowed to ask questions). So they turned it around again: It's Not the Question, It's the Nefarious Liberal Media Conspiring . . .

At 6:58 PM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

Well, that is what Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and such have to say. But, the question is not lost. Everyone saw it.

What ever the source, it was a real question that obviously was important to the twenty one hundred soldiers there. Everyone heard the cheer.

We can not expect that the masses will suddenly awaken as the result of one revelation. The professional liars and spin Meister's will do what they are paid to do. Lie, spin, and distract.

But the questions are coming home and they will continue to. Rumsfeld has the idea that the soldiers themselves are automatons who don't notice what's going on around them and don't ask question not fed to them by someone with a college education. Wrong again, Rumsy.

At 11:07 AM, Blogger frstlymil said...

What galls me is the fact that when someone asks a question that needs to be answered, if jackasses, do not happen to like the question, they try to discredit the person asking the question as if that will make the question any less relevant. Whether it be a soldier, a mother of a soldier, a "pesky" reporter, a college student from a poli sci class, or even a drug addict like Rush Limbaugh or person in desperate need of medication like Anne Coulter...the question was asked and needs to be answered with far more respect and consideration to the soldiers who are actually fighting the war. Not the flip and dismissive tone that has become the norm for so many in the current monkey house that has become our country's administration. On a related tangent,this country has no tools to deal with what is ahead of us. We have no resources to deal with the huge influx of homeless vets to our streets that is most definately forthcoming, we have no skills to deal with the tremendous loss of "stuff" that will come with another Depression, we have no skills to be self supporting and self sufficient because we depend on everyone else to take care of it for us, and we then blame them when something goes wrong. Essentially we've developed into an unskilled, uneducated nation of self-immasculated people. Ask someone today to make their own clothing, stand in line for food (or stand politely in line for anything for that matter), live without electricity or indoor plumbing for any length of time. People here can't even deal with a place that doesn't offer valet parking, how are they going to handle Hooverville 2005?

At 5:56 PM, Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

Hey, Frstlymil, It is looking very scary, isn't it?

The price for what the USA is doing is tremendous and the payments haven't even started.

As well as the human and social cost of the war, just beginning to trickle home, the falling dollar combined with continued record borrowing looks like your proverbial 'accident waiting to happen. Though it is hard to call it an accident when it is so obviously what's on the road ahead.

I have believed, from well before the election, that if George W. beats daddy and wins a second term in office, he will end that second term in deeper disgrace than Nixon did. I just hope Cheney goes down with him.

It is very difficult to see the positive side of what is coming except that it may serve to wake 'middle America' out of its ambulatory catatonic state.

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Fritz said...

Do you think you could provide a citation to support the claim that the returning Iraq War vets are showing up in homeless shelters? I would like to write something about that but I need some documentation.


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