Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's Too Quiet On the Front

I believe the confirmation of Gonzalez to the post of Attorney General may some day be thought of as the turning point in the administration's domestic security agenda.

Bush has elevated his private counsel to Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of the nation. A man with no commitment to the constitution, whose only qualification is his ability to foster legal interpretations in accordance to the wishes of George Bush.

The mute surrender of Democrats is a part of the story I do not yet claim to understand. It as though the entire Congress and Senate were afraid to speak. Living in a more democratic country, I am genuinely astonished at such feeble murmurs of dissent from the Democratic members of both houses.

In Canada, I can remember no time when minority opposition Members of Parliament were silent in the house for more than a few hours at a time. I believe that on any given day there are more questions asked and statements made about Bush policies, in the Canadian Parliament, than from all the Democratic seat warmers in Washington. I gotta' ask; What's with that??

It makes me nervous. I'm giving you a link to an article by Thom Hartmann that explains better and more eloquently than I can, just why this confirmation makes me so nervous. Hartmann article.

The Democratic surrender, some would say sell out, will be a notable part of the story as it unfolds and to future historians who study this halcyon era.

The question that bothers me, right now, is, if the Patriot Act with its secret courts and suspension of basic rights, contains nothing that 'ordinary citizens' should need to fear, (as some apologists will tell you), Why is everyone so bloody obviously afraid? Why is that?

It appears to me that people who aren't at least nervous about these developments, come in two broad categories: Those who are, for what ever reason, oblivious and those who believe they will be immune. Passed over, as it were.

The shadow of totalitarianism sits over everyone. That is why it is called total-itarianism. Not only a show of allegiance but real sacrifice is expected and in the long run, all but a privileged few will pay their portion and more, of the sacrifice for power and wealth. Not your wealth, of course. The starving bankers and the homeless corporations need every dime they can get.

Let's see; The people and corpos at the top no longer pay taxes. Someone has to make it up. Guess who?
Whose jobs are being shipped over seas by the same tax less corporations?

Haliburton, Bechtel and other well represented Corporations know that they could make a quadrillion dollars if they can control Iraq. Whose sons have to fill those beleaguered boots on the ground?

And who is going to pay for the open ended government borrowing, already at record heights and bound to rise? What happens when we borrow more than we can pay? What ever the cost, guess who pays?

When you have finally had enough. When the taxes hit home. When your sons and friends and young relatives continue to be sacrificed, when you are sick, of all but the shitty jobs disappearing, while the 'American' corporations grow richer than ever before. Remember, before you say a word, that when you demand to not be cheated, not used and economically trashed, you will be stepping into the category of those for whom these unconstitutional laws were made.

The laws and the new interpretations are there, in place. These kind of laws have a power of their own, very much like powerful weapons. The weapons always get used.

Thom Hartmann article

Hartmann site


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